Sports & Medical Hydrotherapy

Drawing on over 30 years of expertise in Canine Hydrotherapy, Westcoast Hydrotherapy can now offer a full service and equipment to the sports and medical hydrotherapy field.

Our swimming pools, treadmills, hot spas and chill pods can all be shipped and installed worldwide. The sports equipment we supply can cater for all your needs, whether you are a specialist hydrotherapy provider, or want to add to your sports club medical treatment plans.

Our hydrotherapy options can be installed at commercial premises or in private property, so whether you are looking for a hydrotherapy centre, or looking for personal treatment options, please contact us for more information.


How we can help you

Whether you are looking for Ice Therapy, Heat treatment, water treadmills or a full hydrotherapy pool, we have the perfect sports and medical equipment for you.

Working With

"We added a
Westcoast Hydrotherapy
Water Walker to our Pool,
it has proved an
excellent decision as
the treadmill has been
totally reliable, easy to
use and well received
by clients"