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Hydrotherapy Pools

Whether you are veterinary practice, groomers, hydrotherapists, business start-ups or a pet owner looking for a hydro pool for dogs, as trusted suppliers, we have you covered. Our range of hydrotherapy pools are high quality and installed with care. As canine hydrotherapy pool suppliers, we offer as much help as we can to make your installation straightforward! If you have limited access to your building, we offer build on site pools. To ensure your installation is smooth we can help with your room design if you send in your building plans! These state-of-the-art pools can be built to suit your specific requirements and installed in any location, depending on your needs. Depending on your specification, we have above and below ground pools available in a range of sizes. Each one is made from high quality, durable and long-lasting material, meaning they require minimal maintenance. They are perfect for free swimming or incorporate our hoists and slings for supportive swimming whilst your animal recovers. In your dog hydro pool you may choose to swim with or without the jets for gentle or strenuous exercise. We cannot tell you how important it is for you to have your hydrotherapy equipment regularly serviced! To make it easy for you, we offer service plans that can be paid by direct debit.For more information on our range of hydro pools for dogs, explore our full range below.