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Aquavet Sanitising and Balancing products

Animal Friendly sanitising and balancing chemicals, Animal Hydrotherapy Pools and Underwater Treadmills are subject to high levels of bacteria and dirt brought in by the animals on their coats and paws. This means the equipment will require a small amount of day to day attention to ensure the water remains sparkling clear and free from bacteria.

Aquavet Starter Bucket Details

Each Aquavet starter bucket contains:

  • Small Chlorine Tablets x 1
  • Granular shock chlorine x 1
  • pH reducer 500gms x 1
  • pH increaser 500gms x 1
  • Clarifier 0.5 Litres x 1
  • Insta Test 5 strips x 1
  • measuring cup x 1
  • Pre-Filter Net x 1
  • Scumflower x 1
  • Pool Gom (magic eraser) x 1
  • Floating Clorinater  x 1

The chemicals contained in this pack will give you the basic items you need to work with your pool or treadmill filter.
Stabilised Chlorine Tablets are the chemical used to sanitise the pool water, removing unwanted micro-organisms, keeping the water safe for the animals and handlers use. A free chlorine level between 1 to 3 parts per million is the ideal. Use the test strips supplied in this kit to establish your chlorine level and test regularly throughout the day to ensure you maintain the minimum levels.
In order for the chlorine to work effectively the chemical balance of your pool water needs to be maintained. pH Increaser and pH Reducer are the two chemicals used to keep the pH level within the required range of 7.2 to 7.6. Again using the test strips provided. Should your pH level reach 7.8 then add the pH Reducer as per the instructions on the container. Should the pH fall below the required range then then pH Increaser should be used.

Individual Product Details

Insta -Test 5: Each tube contains 50 test strips, testing for        Free Chloine, Total Chlorine, Alkalinity, pH, Total Hardness

Insta – Test 3: Each tube contains 50 test strips, testing for        Free Chloine, Alkalinity, pH,

Aquacheck: Each tube contains 50 test strips, testing for        Free Chloine, Total  Alkalinity, pH, Stabilizer