The Hot Spa

As a passive form of treatment, the Hot Spa is an ideal way for patients that are recovering from surgery to ease into more active lifestyle.


The Hot Spa treatment compliments other forms of hydrotherapy because it helps to relax muscles and warm joints, allowing a greater range of movement.

  • Uses minimal space
  • Comes fully assembled for easy installation
  • Intelligent electrical safety shutdown system

Hot Spa Specifications

Spa Details

Width: 660mm
Length 1260mm
Capacity: 900 ltr

Plant Pack Details

Width: 550mm
Length: 1200mm
Height: 550mm

Hot Spa Benefits

The  Polythermal Spa can be used to assist manual massage and passive ROM exercises. It also can produce beneficial results with the patient simply standing (if ambulatory) or lying (if recumbent) in the water.

Patients benefit from the hot spa because the hot water increases blood flow to the affected areas to improve tissue and collagen extensibility. Additionally, pain is decreased and mobility is enhanced in elderly and/or arthritic animals. It also eases muscular strains and sprains in injured dogs.

It can be used as:

  • A stand-alone piece of equipment to perform physiotherapy, stretching and rang-of-motion exercises in warm water
  • A warm-up prior to exercise such as treadmill work on the Westcoast Hydrotherapy Under Water Treadmill
  • A cool-down after a therapeutic session

Key Features

  • Uses minimal space and easily fits through a standard doorway
  • Comes fully assembled for easy installation and minimal disruption
  • Durable and simple to maintain
  • Polypropylene double skinned insulated solid panels
  • Separate pre-plumbed compact plant pack, which can be remotely sited up to 4.5m (15ft) away
  • Adjustable, state-of-the-art inline heater, sand filtration system, circulation pump and blower air switches to ensure there’s no operator contact with electrical switches
  • Intelligent electrical safety shutdown system
  • Floating, heat-retaining cover to use between sessions
  • Fast to fill and heat to the required temperature
  • Fully adjustable floor heights, allowing it to accommodate dogs of all sizes standing or laying down.

Delivery and installation

Delivery and installation is calculated on a job by job basis. Most installations require a one – two day installation. However new buildings can benefit from having pipes and wires placed in trenches during the build process, these jobs will require additional visits and possibly additional costs.

"This has proved an excellent decision and has been totally reliable, easy to use and well received by clients"

Duncan Miller