Veterinary Hydrotherapy Pools

We have a wide range of hydrotherapy pools for dogs, whether you are a veterinary professional or a pet owner looking to carry out hydrotherapy with your dogs at home, as trusted suppliers, we have you covered.


Our range of canine Hydrotherapy pools

The Derwent Hydrotherapy pool for animals

The Derwent Hydrotherapy Pool

The Derwent pool is our most popular and best selling hydrotherapy pool for dogs, made with fibre glass composite from a mould. This pool can come in three sizes, standard, extended width or extended length and is a one-piece construction.

The pool can be located above ground or below ground and comes with resting platform and ramp built in.

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The Eden Canine Hydrotherapy pool

The Eden Hydrotherapy Pool

The Eden hydropools are perfect for hydrotherapy centres and can be built on-site if access is limited.

These pools are fully bespoke and can be built to your requirements and they can be built on site if you have entry access restrictions.

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The Lakes hydrotherapy pool, perfect for canine

The Lakes Hydrotherapy Pool

The Lakes hydrotherapy pools are available in three sizes and come in a shell with a ramp, or with a basic plant and LED lighting. They are great for free swimming.

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The Home use pool, perfect for use at home

Home Use Pet Hydrotherapy Pool

A freestanding above ground pool for small to medium size dogs built specifically for home use rather than for commercial hydrotherapy.

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The Aquaflex hydrotherapy pool, more information coming soon

Aqua-Flex Hydrotherapy Pool

The Aqua-Flex pool is an excellent start-up pool for home use or a business on a budget. It comes as a package and is delivered to you for self-installation.

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Underwater Camera

All of our hydrotherapy pools can be fitted with underwater cameras so you can keep an eye on what is happening and how the patient is moving.

It can give live feedback and can also be recorded so you can track progress for comparison during treatment.

Underwater Camera - Veterinary Hydrotherapy Pools - Westcoast Hydrotherapy


Takes the hassle out of water management, these systems will automatically release the correct level of chemicals into your pool.

Autodosing takes the hassle out of water testing and monitoring

Hydrotherapy Benefits

A hydrotherapy pool offers multiple benefits, both to the patient and also to the therapist. Dogs in particular often enjoy and prefer free swimming in a pool and doing swims to get a favourite toy. This allows the patient to benefit from the physiological benefits of hydrotherapy, increasing flexion in joints and due to it’s low impact and higher resistance it also improves muscular and cardiovascular fitness.

Being in the pool with the patient allows the therapist to have closer control over the patient, to ensure that the correct exercises and the patient is getting the most out of the treatment. We have a range of pools each with it’s own purpose and benefit.

The pools can also be used in conjunctions with jets and hoists for stationary swimming, this is particularly important for patients who are recovering from serious injury, or have issues turning and allows for careful monitoring.

How we can help

We have over 30 years of experience in hydrotherapy and we were the pioneers of hydrotherapy treatment for canines and the Veterinarian field. This allows us to advise you on a pool, equipment and also assist with the planning stage of your hydrotherapy business. We are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have and to also guide you in all aspects.

So whether you already have a hydrotherapy business, or you are looking to start your journey then we can help you. We are more than happy to come and do a site visit, where we will look around the site and provide you with drawings and technical specifications for your pool.

Westcoast hydrotherapy are the leading manufacturing, installer and service provider to the animal hydrotherapy field and have assisted multiple hydrotherapy businesses from inception all the way through to maintenance of all equipment.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and will provide the best support, which includes, free advice, after sales service, service plans and we can also supply all the ongoing items you may need, from water treatment through to life jackets and more.

We are always looking to make continuous improvements in all that we do and this is not just limited to the hydrotherapy pools that we offer.

So if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team now and we can answer any question that you may have.

Delivery and installation

Delivery and installation is calculated on a job by job basis. Most installations require a one – two day installation. However new buildings can benefit from having pipes and wires placed in trenches during the build process, these jobs will require additional visits and possibly additional costs.

Note: Because every situation and floor covering is different Westcoast Hydrotherapy do not include the entry ramp or steps on the outside of the pool, we recommend that you wait until all floor screeds and coverings are complete before measuring and building your external entry ramp.

The external ramp or steps can be covered with the same wall or floor covering.