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Veterinary Dog Boots

VetDry, Fleece Lined, Soft Boot for Dogs

Your dogs are constantly on their feet, running around exploring and taking long walks. Unfortunately, being out and about does bring the risk of something happening to their paws. With that in mind, we have developed our Vetdry Veterinary Dog Boots which have been specifically developed to protect and support your pets’ paws when they need it.

It was important to us to make comfort our first priority. Ensuring your dog can wear them for long periods of time whilst walking and healing is crucial so we made these boots in the softest material and fleece lined them for even more comfort. The boots also feature an elasticated cuff and supportive strap to prevent them from slipping throughout wear.

We also added a rubber sole so that no matter where your dog is wearing our VetDry boots, they are going to always be steady on their feet.

They are easily cleaned with a damp cloth and come in a range of sizes meaning no matter the breed of your canine, we’ve got a boot that will fit every size paw!