The Eden Hydrotherapy Pool

The Eden hydrotherapy pools are perfect for hydrotherapy centres and can be built on-site if access is limited.


The Eden hydrotherapy pool can be tailor built to suit your exact requirements and we can either build them in our factory, or if your site has limited access we can build these on premises.

  • Ramps and resting platforms can positioned where you want them
  • Digital control panel
  • All Pools can be fitted above or below ground.
  • Separate pre plumbed plant pack that can be remotely sited
  • Available prebuilt as a small home use pool

Pool Benefits

The Eden Pool offers many benefits to the recovery patient as well as for maintaining levels of fitness. Dogs often enjoy swimming sessions and, therefore, this method is often used for conditioning, maintenance and fun sessions. It is particularly beneficial for increasing flexion in joints, increasing musculature and promoting the use of arthritic or dysplastic joints. Swimming requires more energy that walking, so this modality is also beneficial for increasing cardiovascular fitness and managing obesity.

A preparation guide with ground preparation, electrical and water requirements is provided to ensure that you have everything ready for your installation

Pool Specification

The Eden Polythermal Jet pool is our Bespoke sized, Polypropylene double skinned solid panel pool, which can be designed and built by our engineers inside your premises if access is limited or in our factory and delivered to site.

All Pools can be fitted above or below ground, and come complete with a bound edge 6mm thermal heat retaining cover.

Key Features

  • Ramps and resting platforms can positioned where you want them
  • Built in internal entry ramp
  • Digital control panel
  • Separate pre plumbed plant pack that can be remotely sited
  • Available prebuilt as a small home use pool
  • Steel supports to provide additional strength
  • High rate sand filter cleans the water before returning it to the pool via the return jet.
  • Inline heater maintains the desired temperature
  • Additional powerful pump provides a fast flow of water to the two adjustable jets
  • Cleverly controlled with a digital display
  • Under water light (optional)
  • Under Water digital movie Camera (optional)
  • Maintenance Kit: Comprising of: Surface hair net, vacuum head vacuum hose vacuum handle, pool brush head, floating chlorine dispenser. Aquavet Starter bucket that includes, water test trips, chlorine mini tabs, soda ash pH+ Dry Acid pH- Calcium chloride flake, sodium bicarbonate, rapid clear, super fast shock, surface cleaner, measuring jug.

Delivery and installation

Delivery and installation is calculated on a job by job basis. Most installations require a one – two day installation. However new buildings can benefit from having pipes and wires placed in trenches during the build process, these jobs will require additional visits and possibly additional costs.

Note: Because every situation and floor covering is different Westcoast Hydrotherapy do not include the entry ramp on the outside of the pool, we recommend that you wait until all floor screeds and coverings are complete before measuring and building your external entry ramp.

The external ramp and can be covered with the same wall or floor covering.

Labrador Swimming - Polythermal Jet Pool - Westcoast HydrotherapyLabrador Swimming with Ball - Polythermal Jet Pool - Westcoast Hydrotherapy

"I have to admit it’s changed the dog’s life, she was so sedentary before. Very happy, already lost a few Kg and drives us mad hounding the doors every time we let her in the garden.
Can’t thank you guys enough!"