The Aqua-Flex Pool

The Aqua-Flex pool is an excellent start-up pool for home use or a business on a budget. It comes as a package and is delivered to you for self-installation.


The pool system features an anodised aluminum framework attached to a strong and durable PVC coated pool liner to form an entirely self-supporting structure that can be installed either above or below ground.

Unlike any other liner pool the Aqua-Flex pool has vertical sides meaning you can stand closer to the edge of the pool when watching your dog swim.

Pool Specification

  • Simple installation
  • Fits through any doorway
  • Choice of 4 popular sizes
  • Additional sizes available
  • Minimal difference between internal and external size making best use of space
  • Composite Wood top edge
  • Pool liners are manufactured from incredibly strong and durable PVC-coated polyester fabric
  • Can be finished to suit your own surroundings
  • Affordable Professional & Home Use the Aqua-Flex Pool is approved for Professional Use but is also ideal for use at home.
  • Easy to relocate
  • First year service included (England only)

Delivery and installation

To ensure you’re ready for installation, a full specification is supplied detailing ground conditions, dimensions, electricity and water requirements. Our friendly and helpful team is always available.