LifeCube Cryotherapy

LifeCube Electric Cryotherapy

Cold therapies are a practical application for which extremely low temperatures are used to support well-being and initiate the natural healing process.


Whole body cryotherapy on the other hand is a modern and improved version of this icy tradition. It is nowadays used in the areas of medicine, fitness, beauty, and spa to trigger positive changes in our bodies. Only difference is that it is now done at a new level with this unique electric cryo chamber LifeCube and its incredible low temperatures of -110°C.

Efficient performance, simple operation, and an elegant design – and the best is yet to come!

Electric Cryotherapy Benefits

The greatest unique selling point of our cryo chamber is its operating principle, which completely renounces toxic nitrogen cases, but instead counts on cooled ambient air, generated by a purely electric aggregate.

So, not only can you offer full whole body cryotherapy, there is no need for nitrogen, which not only makes the systems safer and simpler, but it also reduces the running costs. If for example you run 25 treatments a day, the overall cost using our electric offering will be lower after just 16 months.

LifeCube Cryotherapy Options

Personalize your LifeCube & create something special

Apart from our standard models, we also offer custom-made chamber systems that fit perfectly into every studio. No matter which design you prefer, LifeCube will always be your best choice, since you can freely choose the chamber size, the room layout, the outer color, the inner color, and the LED colors. Let your imagination run wild and turn your cryo experience into a visual highlight.

Each of our chamber systems is made-to-measure and therefore gets individually adjusted to our customers‘ wishes and their premises. This is why we always design a free 3D animation in advance to show you how the project can be realized. On the basis of the construction plan, our draftsperson an installation plan as well as several images and videos of your soon-to-be cryo chamber. This results in one great advantage: You can view your future LifeCube even before the purchase and test how it will appear in your studio long before it is actually installed. Take this rare opportunity to read your own exciting cryo future!


Choose freely from our color pallet with-out any additional charges or create your own design. This is how you can turn your chamber into a unique cryo system that fits perfectly into your studio. You have free reign on the selection of the exterior color, interior color, and LED color. Let your creativity run free! We are eagerly awaiting your color combinations and design


Scotch Brite / Dark Oak / AISI 316 / New Light Walnut / Black / Textured / Red / White

Delivery and installation

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