Underwater Treadmill

We can fit an underwater treadmill into your pool, so that not only do you have a hydrotherapy pool for swimming and hydrotherapy, but you also benefit from an underwater treadmill for the rehabilitation of patients.


An underwater treadmill is an excellent addition to a hydrotherapy pool, it allows additional treatment options for the recovery and rehabilitation of patients.

  • Clear LCD Control Panel
  • Variable speed
  • Choice of location
  • Multiple treadmills in same pool (depending on pool size)

Please note, we will modify the pool during the building stage to ensure that the treadmill fits correctly and is integrated into the pool, so this must be specified when placing your order.

Treadmill Benefits

An underwater treadmill is great for the rehabilitation and recovery for patients. The increased resistance that water offers over the air means that it is more work than exercising normally. Exercising in water also has a lower impact on joints, this is due to the buoyancy properties of water.

An underwater treadmill both increases muscle rehabilitation, it is also great for general fitness and cardiovascular improvement due to the higher resistance and energy expenditure as mentioned above.

Combining an underwater treadmill into your hydrotherapy pool allows you to offer two services in one, this will offer you the most flexibility. Our treadmills are controlled by a clear LCD display and allows the speed to be accurately controlled to ensure that the patient maintains the correct speed.

Treadmill Specification

The Underwater Treadmill for our hydrotherapy pools are custom built for the pool to meet your requirements.

Key Features

  • Treadmills are flush to the floor of the pool
  • Fully motorised
  • Digital control panel
  • Removable Arm support bars
  • Choice of location
  • Durable treadmill belt
  • Non-Slip Belt
  • Recommend shoes are worn
  • Choice of location

Delivery and installation

Delivery and installation is calculated on a job by job basis. Most installations require a one – two day installation. However new buildings can benefit from having pipes and wires placed in trenches during the build process, these jobs will require additional visits and possibly additional costs.

Note: Because every situation and floor covering is different Westcoast Hydrotherapy do not include the entry ramp or steps on the outside of the pool, we recommend that you wait until all floor screeds and coverings are complete before measuring and building your external entry ramp.

The external ramp or steps can be covered with the same wall or floor covering.