The Lakes Hydrotherapy Pool

The Lakes Hydrotherapy pool, comes in three different sizes depending on your requirements. These pools are ideal for free swimming.


These 3 sizes of pool are available as a shell and ramp only, or with basic plant and an LED light.

We offer three different sizes of pool for you to choose from depending on the needs of your business. Made from high quality, durable and long lasting polyurethane foam insulated fibreglass, they feature a metal reinforcement bonded within the structure for below ground models and an additional protected steel enhanced structure for above ground models. All the plant technology is neatly fitted onto a plant pack ready for a dedicated plant room to house the equipment.

Pool Benefits

These pools offer many benefits to the recovering patient in addition to being used for maintaining good levels of fitness, they are especially good for free swimming.

It is particularly beneficial for increasing muscle, flexion in joints and promoting the use of arthritic or dysplastic joints as the warm water relaxes the muscles and reduces the strain on joints.

Swimming requires more energy than walking, making hydrotherapy an ideal way to increase cardiovascular fitness and manage obesity without the time and strain involved with walking or jogging.

Pool Specification

The plant includes a 21” Top Mount Media Filter with Multiport Valve, a standard Filter/Circulation Pump, an Air Source Heat Pump and a Skimmer. You can also purchase a Digital Display Control Panel with auxiliary heater, heat retaining cover, powerful Anti-Swim jets, Buoyancy Aids, a Maintenance Kit that includes a vacuum head, pool wall brush, surface skimmer, handle and hose, and Chemical Starter Bucket that has all you need to get your pool up and running from day one.

The Lakes pools are available as a basic package that consists of a pool shell with the essential plant, LED underwater light and ASHP. The plant includes a 21” Top with Multiport Valve, a Circulation Pump.

Additionally we have put together a Lakes package that includes the basic package with the addition of a heat retaining cover, maintenance kit and chemical starter bucket.

The ASHP is an economic way of keeping heating costs down. The built-in skimmer and lower safety suction takes any hairs and debris from the water into the filtration system ensuring a clean appearance to the pool at all times.

Optional Extras

Underwater Camera

All of our hydrotherapy pools can be fitted with underwater cameras so you can keep an eye on what is happening and how the patient is moving. It can give live feedback and can also be recorded so you can track progress for comparison during treatment.

An underwater camera allows you to easily see how the patient is performing under the surface

Auto Dosing

Takes the hassle out of water management, these systems will automatically release the correct level of chemicals into your pool.

Autodosing takes the hassle out of water testing and monitoring

Delivery and installation

To ensure you’re ready for installation, a full specification is supplied detailing ground conditions, dimensions, electricity and water requirements. Our friendly and helpful team is always available.

"This has proved an excellent decision and has been totally reliable, easy to use and well received by clients"

Kev Denby