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Protective Boots and Footwear

As taking care of your dog’s paws is of top priority, we wanted to provide our customers with an expert range of protective dog footwear such as boots and waterproof dog socks that support them with everything they need. Each of our styles of dog boot offers a different service to recovering dogs or those that just need an extra layer of protection to prevent any damage.

What are veterinary/medical dog boots?

Veterinary dog boots provide numerous benefits for our furry friends. They are often used as a protective measure to aid in the healing process after a paw injury or surgery, preventing the dog from licking or chewing at the wound. These medical boots for dogs also help keep bandages clean and dry, reducing the risk of infections. They offer comfort and support for dogs with arthritic or sensitive paws, providing extra cushioning.

How do I measure paws for dog boots?

To measure the size of your dog's paw, have your dog stand on a sheet of paper. Carefully trace around the paw, including the nails, as closely as possible. Then, measure the width and length of the traced paw for accurate sizing. For more information, each of our product listings gives specific sizing and measurement guidance.

Do dogs like wearing boots?

While some dogs may initially find wearing boots unusual, many can adapt and come to appreciate the added comfort and protection they provide, especially in extreme weather conditions or harsh terrains.

When you should use Dog Boots

We have protective boots for dogs for injured paws and those to help dogs with sensitive pads or corns. We also have waterproof dog leg covers that are suitable for protecting a dressing or bandage or for those dogs that tend to drag their paws.

All of our styles are made from soft, breathable material. Some of our dog boots are waterproof and some are water-resistant for light rain, however, they are not suitable for deep puddles.

If you need advice on the best dog boots or type of dog footwear for your dog's paws for your animal, we encourage you to get in touch online or call 01379 674633.
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