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Blue Connect Plus
Blue Connect, the smart pool analyser, is a smart device that combines a water quality sensor and smart algorithms which mix water data, weather data and user data.

Blue Connect and its smartphone app help you look after your pool 24/7, even if you are away. No more uncertainty about what is happening in your pool.

The user can access the data for the pool whenever desired on a smartphone thanks to the Blue Connect App:

* water and weather data inform when the pool can be enjoyed
* notifications are sent when action is required for example if more chlorine is needed.
* personalised advice helps to optimise the use of chemicals
* provides peace of mind for the maintenance of the pool
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Pool Blaster Catfish Vacuum
The Cordless, Rechargeable Pool Blaster Catfish is a lightweight, portable vacuum with uncompromised suction and cleaning power, the Catfish is the ideal vacuum for your hydrotherapy pool or spa. Small enough for spas, but strong enough to clean above/below ground and home use pools, the Catfish can handle your equipment with ease and efficiency.
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Sanitising and Balancing products
Animal Friendly sanitising and balancing chemicals, Animal Hydrotherapy Pools and Underwater Treadmills are subject to high levels of bacteria and dirt brought in by the animals on their coats and paws. This means the equipment will require a small amount of day to day attention to ensure the water remains sparkling clear and free from bacteria.
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