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Westcoast Quality Professional
Dryer with Heater

A powerful, high velocity dryer that provides a high volume of
warm air to blast water from coats without damaging them.


  • Natural heating with quiet insulated operation
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Twice as powerful as regular dyers

"This has proved an excellent decision and has been totally reliable, easy to use and well received by clients"

Duncan Miller

Product Specification

Colour: Lime Green
Air Speed: variable to 110m/s
Maximum Power: 2500W
Hi and Low heat settings
380 x 250 x 230mm
(L x W x H)

Operator Benefits

As well as  providing a high volume of warm air to blast water from coats without damaging  coats, this breakthrough technology also offers natural heating and quiet insulated operation.

Key Features

  • Twice as powerful as regular dryers
  • Adjustable temperature control (Normal and Warm)
  • Adjustable air control up to a massive 110m/s speed
  • 2 metres of puncture-resistant, triple reinforced, flexible hose with two nozzle options
  • Air concentrator and air flair, to handle all-size pets and all coats.
  • 4 sturdy legs to provide stability
  • Durable motor ensuring at least 1800 hours use