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Animal Boot

Thera-Paw animal boot, Suitable for paw and bandage protection.


Thera-Paw are top quality neoprene boots for protection and comfort. Sole and toe cover are rubber for grip and waterproof fitting, while the breathable sock liner allows movement.

Available in 6 Sizes  Full instructions provided with each boot.



Measuring your dogs paw

  1. Place a piece of paper on a hard floor surface.
  2. Have your dog stand and bear weight with the affected paw on the piece of paper.
  3. Trace around the outline of the paw, keeping the pen vertical and in continuous contact with the paw.
  4. Determine the Paw Width (A) by measuring the paw tracing at its widest point.
  5. Determine the Paw Length (B) by measuring the paw tracing at its longest point to the tip of the nails.
  6. Determine the Wrist/Ankle Circumference (C) by measuring the circumference at the midpoint of the wrist or ankle.
  7. Determine the Wrist/Ankle Height (D) by:
  8. Measuring the height from the back of the main footpad to the base of the carpal pad (Front Leg).
  9. Measuring the height from the top of the paw to the ankle joint (Back Leg).
  10. Compare your measurements with those on the sizing chart to determine the correct Thera-Paw size for your dog.


Helpful Hints and Other Useful Information

  1. If your dog has high knuckles and toes, please add an inch to your Paw Width measurement.
  2. If your dog is nervous about bearing weight on the piece of paper, lift his/her other paw off the ground.
  3. If your dog is not able to bear weight on the affected paw because of pain or a wound, measure the same paw (Front or Back) on the opposite side AS LONG AS that paw is similar in size and shape.
  4. If the affected paw is abnormally shaped in any way (e.g., toe amputation, digital deformities) please consult with us before purchasing the Thera-Paw boot.


"A great service - I have just purchased a Thera-paw boot for a whippet with corns. The telephone advice was super-friendly and I got exactly the information I need. The boot arrived quickly and fits"

Ellen Kenny

Just to let you know the boots worked just fine on Tuppence!! She was not too sure at first, but after only a short time she was walking as normal, with only the occasional sniff at them, they are excellent, her feet are dry and
protected. So if anyone
asks, do the large size
fit a sheep. the answer
is yes!

So she is now known as
Tupp in boots!