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Treadmills (UWTM)

Hydrotherapy is becoming an integral part of the post-operative rehabilitation process of animals. With the availability of underwater treadmills and swimming pools, the possibilities of offering low-risk exercise post-operatively to maintain form and function are increasing.

The underwater treadmill benefits the patient because it allows reduced weight-bearing exercise and improves the absorption and transportation of oxygen through aerobic exercise. It is an invaluable drug-free alternative treatment for many conditions. Westcoast Hydrotherapy treadmills allow rehabilitation to be controlled in a safe environment, with high operative success rates.

We currently have two types of Underwater Treadmills

1. The Water Walker
2: The Bilancio

We are more than happy to discuss your needs and budget to find which underwater treadmill is the right product for your business.

Always flexible in our approach we can offer:

  • Service Plans available for new and used equipment
  • Finance for Existing business and start ups provided by our  financing partners*
  • If you are an existing business, we have many exciting leasing deals  available to you including reduced payments for first three months.

*Subject to status


Underwater Treadmill

Whether you are an existing business or are just starting out,
this state of the art treadmill is both affordable and effective
with the added advantage of touch screen controls.


  • Time saving touch screen tablet control
  • Real time results with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Flexibility of Fresh Water, Fully Pumped or Pool Fed Systems
  • Single or Double Door options
  • Extended length option

Operator Benefits


Adaptive to the patient’s individual health needs, this proven design offers optimal customer and patient data management. With the added reassurance of responsive customer support, the unit provides a plethora of rehabilitative care which encompasses the following conditions:

  • Invertebral disc disease
  • Post surgical conditions ie: hip surgery, cruciate ligament repair
  • Sporting dog injuries
  • Neurological conditions
  • Maintenance of mobility in older dogs
  • Management of joint conditions ie: hip or elbow dysplasia, ostepchdrosis
  • Fitness or weight loss

Product Specification

Single Door:

Standard Length
Length Ramp Open – 2564mm
Length Ramp Closed – 1807mm
Width – 684mm
Height – 1188mm

Extended Length
Length Ramp Open – 2864mm
Length Ramp Closed – 2107mm
Width – 684mm
Height – 1188mm

Double Door:

Standard Length
Length Ramp Open – 3621mm
Length Ramp Closed – 1807mm
Width – 684mm
Height – 1188mm

Extended Length
Length Ramp open – 3921mm
Length Ramp Closed – 2107mm
Width – 684mm
Height – 1188mm

Plant Pack Footprint
(Pump Version Only)
760mm x 740mm x 1200mm

WRAS Approved Storage Tank:
Capacity -1275 litres
Length – 1130mm
Height – 1800mm
Width –  695mm

What are the key features?

  • Built with marine grade aluminium
  • Superior marine quality powder coating
  • Choice of 180 colours
  • 10mm safety glass viewing panels on 3 sides
  • User friendly lightweight door that doubles as a gentle up/down ramp
  • Sloping guards to prevent cheating
  • Smooth start and up to 8mph forward/reverse
  • Remote control with key fob
  • Touch screen tablet controls (pumped & pool fed version only)
  • Proven design with new construction
  • The whole conveyor lifts completely exposing the entire base of the treadmill for periodic cleaning

System Options:

Storage tank pumped system: Fully pumped where the same water is transferred to and from the storage tank to the treadmill via the plant pack, where the water is filtered heated and sanitised.

Swimming pool fed system: Pool fed – which is the same as the pumped option but instead of a storage tank, the water is transferred to and from your hydrotherapy pool.

Fresh water system: This works the same as a loft tank. The storage tank automatically starts to fill with fresh water. After the treatment has finished the water in the treadmill is sent to the waste. Service costs are low as there are no pumps or pump running costs. Zero replacement and chemical costs, plus no water treatment courses are required.

Control Panel Technology: Using a dedicated touch control panel you’ll be able to quickly and easily learn how to get the best out of your treadmill with the minimum of training. There is the option to record and review chemical reading and treatments along with their timings.  An overdue reading prompt ensures that the water quality is correct, ensuring the safety of both handlers and animals.


“The dogs love the water meaning we get results fast using the Bilancio Treadmill”

Alistair Marks,, Edinburgh, UK