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Mobile Hoist

This versatile hoist is compatible with Westcoast Hydrotherapy's range of slings and is available in either hydraulic or electric options.


  • Combines lightness with strength
  • Ideal when space is limited
  • Available as hydraulic or electric options

"This has proved an excellent decision and has been totally reliable, easy to use and well received by clients"

Duncan Miller

Product Specification

  • Lifting range 420mm to 1600mm (16ins to 63ins)
  • Safe working load 130kg (287lbs)
  • CE certified and compliant with all relevant EC directives

Operator Benefits

The mobile hoist combines lightness with strength and is ideal for lifting dogs and providing treatment where space is limited.

There is a range of models to suit various lifting requirements and each has adjustable leg widths for easy movement around obstacles and through narrow doorways.

Key Features

  • Two-point lifting spreader bar to take the sling’s loops, ensuring balanced lifting
  • Four-point lifting spreader bar (available on some models) to take the sling’s loops, ensuring balanced lifting
  • Locking castors on the base
  • Battery-powered raise and lower movement*
  • Rechargeable power pack*

* Not applicable with the hydraulic hoist.

NB: Mobile hoists are not suitable for use with hydrotherapy pools where the dog remains in the sling to swim.