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K9 StandAid - Dog Harness

K9-StandAid - Dog Harness / Suitable for Dogs

K9 StandAid lift harness is a hind limb support with a handle that wraps around your dog’s hind legs. It’s designed to reduce the weight off your dog’s spine, legs or hips by pulling up the handle gently. A lift harness is used to assist your dog with everyday activities, such as going up and down the stairs, in and out of the vehicle or going for a walk and it increases your dog’s stability and mobility. It’s designed to help dogs who are in their senior years or the ones suffering from some physical injury, condition or recovering from a surgery.

K9 StandAid – Dog Harness


To ensure that you get the right size of Harness for your dog, please use the measurements shown on the image, A being the width across the hips, B being the Upper leg circumference and C being the handle length.

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K9 StandAid