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HydroPro Heat Pumps

The HydroPro Heat Pump will save you money when heating larger pools!

The Heat Pump Heater sources air from outside through a fan and it blows it to the evaporator coil. The very hot gas goes through the condenser that moves the heat from the gas to the cold water that flows into the heater and then into the pool.

Hydro-Pro Heat Pumps


• High efficiency coefficient up to 6.2
• “All seasons” model works until -5°C
• Cabinet made of ABS
• Easy digital temperature control with LCD display
• Quiet running with low sound rotary compressor, low noise fan
• Automatic defrost
• Titanium heat exchanger resistant to salt and chlorine
• Winter cover included

Earn up to 3,268 Westcoast’s Loyalty Points.

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