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Heat Pump

A highly efficient and economical range of
heat pumps for your water heating needs.


  • Efficient and economical
  • Easy digital temperature control
  • Automatic defrost

"This has proved an excellent decision and has been totally reliable, easy to use and well received by clients"

Duncan Miller

Operator Benefits

This highly efficient and economical heat pump collects energy from the air outside and transfers it to the pool water. For each KW consumed by the heat pump 4-6 KW are returned to the pool.

The heat pump must be installed outside. It will heat the pool from April to October, working efficiently with outside temperatures as low as -10 degrees or -5 degrees C for Hydro-Pro + Premium/Hydro-Pro ranges and 8 degrees C for ECO range. Our Hydro-Pro + Premium heat pumps also have a cooling mode, which allows water to be cooled by the heat pump as well.

Key Features

  • High efficiency coefficient up to 6 COP
  • “All seasons” model works until -5 degrees C
  • Easy digital temperature control with LCD display
  • All functions are microprocessor controlled
  • Quiet running with low sound rotary compressor, low noise fan
  • RA10a gas for an environmentally friendly operation
  • Automatic defrost
  • Titanium heat exchanger resistant to salt and chlorine
  • Including drain and flow switch
  • Winter cover included
  • Maximum pool volume depending on average outside temperature