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Home Use
Hydrotherapy Pet Pool

A freestanding above ground pool for small to
medium size dogs built specifically for home use.


A freestanding above ground pool for small to medium size dogs built specifically for home use.

  • Built in swim jet
  • Regulated water temperature
  • Filtration system

Product Specification

This fantastic modern pool has a built in swim jet to enable your pet to enjoy the full benefits of Hydrotherapy whilst remaining in the calm of its own home. A heating system is installed on the pool to allow the regulation of the water temperature for optimised use.

The home use pool is compact and  practical measuring only

Medium                 Large

Length: 2.4m         Length: 2.4m
Width: 1.2m          Width: 1.6m
Depth: 1m             Depth: 1m

Extras Available: Resting Platform, Hand Held Pool Vacuum
Chemical Starter Bucket, Additional Anti Swim Jet, Heat Retaining Cover, Pets Floats

Key Features

  • Polythermal Plastic in a double skinned, solid panel state
  • Freestanding
  • Built in swim jet
  • Regulated heating system
  • Full filtration system

Delivery and Installation

Delivery POA depending on customer’s location.
Installation and servicing is available by our engineers.

Operator Benefits

Our home use Hydrotherapy Pool offers many benefits to the recovery patient as well as for maintaining levels of fitness. Dogs often enjoy swimming sessions and, therefore, this method is often used for conditioning, maintenance and fun sessions. It is particularly beneficial for increasing flexion in joints, increasing musculature and promoting the use of arthritic or dysplastic joints. Swimming requires more energy that walking, so this modality is also beneficial for increasing cardiovascular fitness and managing obesity.

A preparation guide with ground preparation, electrical and water requirements is provided to ensure that you have everything ready for your installation.

"This has proved an excellent decision and has been totally reliable, easy to use and well received by clients"

Duncan Miller