Manufactured by Calorex in the UK, these efficient and
economical dehumidifiers allowing condensation control
for indoor swimming pools and spas.


  • Minimize the need of costly air extraction
  • Energy saving and cost effective
  • Complete with variable humidistat

"This has proved an excellent decision and has been totally reliable, easy to use and well received by clients"

Duncan Miller

Product Specification

  • LPHW = Low Pressure Hot Water option
  • Humidistat adjustable from 20% to 80% RH.
  • Minimum air temperature on standard models is 15° C, the defrost models will operate down to 0°
  • Fuses Should be Motor Rated
  • Through the wall models are supplied with inlet and outlet grilles. (C/W Sleeves)
  • These Performance Figures are based on air at 30°C and 60% RH and pool water at 28°C with boiler water at 80°C
  • All Vapourex Dehumidifiers are covered by a full two year parts and labour warranty
  • Standard – Heat recovery to pool hall air. Minimum operating air temperature 17°C
  • Defrost – Heat recovery to pool hall air. Minimum operating air temperature 0°
  • LPHW – These units require low pressure boiler water controlled by air thermostat (supplied) at 80°

Operator Benefits

Condensation if left unchallenged can be a major problem for indoor swimming pool or spas. Water evaporating from the swimming pool surface pushes up humidity; eventually leading to mould or structural damage or collapse.

These efficient and economical Vaporex Dehumidifiers, manufactured by Calorex in the UK, offer condensation control for indoor swimming pools and spas.

Using the latest technology and operating on a heat pump principle, these Vaporex dehumidifiers minimize the need of costly air extraction. By removing the moisture content and delivering warm air back to the pool room, humidity is maintained and condensation minimized, resulting in heating costs being kept at the lowest possible level.

Key Features

  • Automatic Control, Assured Comfort – The provision of a variable humidistat that automatically controls the working process of the unit (approximately between 60% and 65%) maintains a comfortable environment and control of condensation. This is providing that the swimming pool building is insulated to current building regulation standards.
  • Energy Saving and Cost Effective –Working on an efficient 3:1 Heat / electrical ratio, energy is diverted back to the swimming pool room, reducing heating costs.
  • Easy Install and Flexible Operation – Versatile in application and installation, through the wall or wall mounted.
  • Low Temperature Operation – Any Indoor swimming building requires protection when not in use. If the pool room air temperature drops below 17°C the defrost version will operate down to an air temperature of 0°C.

Air Heater Facility

Vaporex units can be supplied with LPHW heater batteries which will provide pool room air heating, thus eliminating the need for separate fan heaters and /or radiators, Models with electric heating elements are also available for projects with no LPHW provision.  An air thermostat is necessary for all models with air heating facility. One thermostat is included with each new Vaporex heating facility.


Vapourex 33 Dehumidifier
Vapourex 33 Dehumidifier + Defrost

Vapourex 34 Dehumidifier
Vapourex 34 Dehumidifier + Defrost
Vapourex 34 Dehumidifier + (LPHW) Heating
Vapourex 34 Dehumidifier + Defrost + (LPHW) Heating