Keith – Home Use Pool Case Study

The Pet Pool

Keith’s beloved dog unfortunately required hydrotherapy for life.

The Pet Pool, our home use pool was the ideal solution and was the most cost effective and more importantly improved the quality of life of both the dog and Keith.

The Full Story

Keith’s dog that had been benefitting from hydrotherapy treatments for some time. Sadly, his dog was going to need ongoing hydrotherapy for the remainder of its life. The Hydrotherapy Centre that he visited was a considerable drive and the costs were stacking up, as was the time he had to spend traveling every week.

Keith contacted Westcoast to see if we had a solution for his problem. We discussed his options and he decided on a Home Use Hydrotherapy Pool. His plan was to have it installed at his home. After further discussions, it was agreed that we would modify the standard Home Use Pool to meet his precise requirements of a pool measuring 4m x 2m and 1m deep. Keith did not have a suitable building, and he wanted the pool to be partially below ground. Westcoast provided him with instructions on how to be ready for the pool and agreed to deliver the pool to site after he had prepared the foundations and excavated the hole.

Westcoast engineers completed the installation over two visits. After the pool was installed in the ground, Keith went on to finish his new building over the top of the pool. He did most of the work himself during evenings and weekends. He opted for an Air Source Heat Pump to help to keep his future running costs down. Keith doesn’t plan to run a business from his home, so he did not require planning permission for his building. Keith’s dog now enjoys swimming in his own pool and Keith enjoys spending more time having fun with his dog rather than clocking up the miles in his car every week.